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Industries served include:

  • Banking & Insurance
  • Biotechnology & I.T.
  • Construction Trades
  • Manufacturing
  • Municipalities & Schools
  • Non-profits
  • Veterinary & Health



 Testamonial:  Georgian's workshop, "Advice to Your Younger Self:  Celebrate Your Story" at the 2015 Connecticut Women's Conference was very well received.  Each attendee came away with newly discovered energy and courage to take on life's transitions.  Her workshop was the perfect follow-up to our morning program, "Unleash Your Inner Hero!" 

Joanne Gustafson, President, Connecticut Women's Alliance.


Workshop Offerings Include: 

Your Next 20 Years - A Workshop for Midlife Career Women

Develop realistic hope for earning as we age; address 'what if' scenarios; catalog transferable skills and talents; explore opportunities to do what you always wanted!





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Mister Ed, Lucy, Mom & Me is a booklet that shares how watching '60s sitcoms with my Mom helped lighten the caregiving experience.  Available on Amazon.



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 Welcome! Note the tabs on top -- The "Working Women" section offers services and ideas to help us summon our creativity and strength in all phases of our careers.  In the "Ponder That" section I comment on current news items and emerging trends.  In the "Tips" section I offer workplace advice and reminders. "About Me" is just that. "Mid LIFE Matters" has video preview clips from my public tv show.   "The Ryan Group" tab offers access to an astounding set of organizational improvement services.


Speaker on Women's Wisdom

Offering presentations & workshops! Drawing on research for my book, 55+ Unite! Welcome All Wise Working Women, as well as hosting a community TV show, "Mid LIFE Matters" -- I serve women a tonic for tackling new challenges.

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New Guide Book!

 Wisdom gleaned from conversations with 40 wise women on my community TV show.  Avalaible At Amazon.


 "Mid LIFE Matters" - Wallingford Public TV

 I host a half-hour show on WPAA-TV celebrating women's wisdom and wit.  Fascinating women share their stories on aging well:   Clips are in the MidLIFE Matters tab above and full segments are available on You Tube - type "Georgian Lussier' in the You Tube search box.  

I am honored to win the 2016 Community Media Rika Welch leadership award for community impact; a testimony to the Guests who shared their stories on MidLIFE Matters



Management Training:

E-Book Webinars & Workshops

Thank you to Joan Lahti, Ph.D., of Get To The Point Books for sponsoring a 45-minute webinar on my e-book, Are Your Star Performers Packing Their Bags?  How to Persuade Them to Stay.  Participants from across the country (and globe) reflected on their own retention tactics, and saw how to navigate this user-friendly workbook approach.   I offer similar sessions -- in person, online, or using blended technology, for any size group.  Contact Joan for a reference:



Below are two managment e-books I authored for retaining talent:


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Tactical Tip #5: Team Notebooks

Capture decisions, questions and ideas in a shared space to create a reference guide and encourage reflections.

  • Rotate responsibility for documenting group agreements, upcoming goals and other discussions.
  • Make a habit of having group members review and sign off on the documentation.
  • Items can include the mundane (who is responsible for cleaning out the fridge before a long weekend) as well as critical success factors (how will the team train on the new system and maintain productivity?)
  • The Notebook can help new members understand the team's history, achievements and barriers.
  • Focus on content over form, but ensure comments are clear enough for absent members.
  • In developing agendas, reference the Notebook to keep good ideas in the hopper.
  • Team Notebooks differ from meeting minutes in that they are less formal and not circulated outside the group.  More like a shared diary.

Tactical Tip #4: Take Care

Create space to avoid meltdowns:  Devoted workers are most vulnerable to burn-out!

  • Develop habits that buffer you from workday stressors.
  • Skipping sleep and ignoring other parts of your life weakens endurance.
  • Sleep improves memory and aids in problem solving.
  • Take a recess -- try a change of scenery at lunch or during your commute.
  • Break big problems into smaller pieces and tackle what you have control over.
  • Bolster your confidence by reviewing past successes -- keep a "smile file."
  • Humor can deflect toxic vibes; be careful, bad moods are contagious.
  • Groups may create a crisis to avoid complexity.  Side-step drama.
  • Do your part, but keep a focus on your future.

Tactical Tip #3: Don't Settle

The best jobs include variety, challenge, autonomy -- and a good boss.

  • Even in these times, take risks to build on your natural strengths.
  • Just because you can do a job doesn't mean its best for you long term.
  • Pay, status and security are seductive; don't be rash, but also don't succumb to fear and fatigue.
  • Valued employees are resilient and multi skilled; cross training is a win-win.
  • Understand how your job contributes to the success of your team -- and your boss.
  • But remember, you are being paid for what you do now, not to build your talents.
  • So explore how you can learn something new, while being productive.

~~ Listen to your gut, and move towards your interests ~~


Tactical Tip #2: Agendas, Always

Written agendas are power tools -- develop a mastery!

  • Circulated before a meeting, it engages people and signals a sense of purpose.
  • During meetings it serves as a map with scheduled rest stops and estimated arrival times.
  • After meetings it is an outline for recording decisions and reminding people of commitments.
  • Hidden agendas range from benign negligence to malicious intent; both to be avoided.
  • Even when meeting with just one person, jot down and share agenda items.
  • Dated documents can be lifesavers.
  • Solicit agenda items from others -- watch your ego.
  • Use a 'parking lot' for unrelated or future items.
  • While agendas can help maintain momentum, they do not shield you from politics.  Seek advice.

Tactical Tip #1: Engage Everyone

Stimulating conversations exercise your brain and reduce workplace stress! 

  • By connecting with others you increase your understanding of the organization.
  • No one is confined to their job; you can build on common interests, regardless of where you sit.
  • Invite others to share their viewpoints.  Start neutral, listen for cues, avoid too much information.
  • Seek out workplace veterans; ask how things have changed over the years.
  • Listen.
  • Ask open-ended questions.
  • Avoid joining cliques; strive to be seen as fair and open.
  • Gossip is a killer.  Say "no" to your lower self.  Speculate about celebrities, not co-workers.

~~ Cultivate a sincere interest in others ~~

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