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 Testamonial:  Georgian's workshop, "Advice to Your Younger Self:  Celebrate Your Story" at the 2015 Connecticut Women's Conference was very well received.  Each attendee came away with newly discovered energy and courage to take on life's transitions.  Her workshop was the perfect follow-up to our morning program, "Unleash Your Inner Hero!" 

Joanne Gustafson, President, Connecticut Women's Alliance.


Workshop Offerings Include: 

Your Next 20 Years - A Workshop for Midlife Career Women

Develop realistic hope for earning as we age; address 'what if' scenarios; catalog transferable skills and talents; explore opportunities to do what you always wanted!





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Mister Ed, Lucy, Mom & Me is a booklet that shares how watching '60s sitcoms with my Mom helped lighten the caregiving experience.  Available on Amazon.



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 Welcome! Note the tabs on top -- Content Writing highlights my business services for companies of all sizes.  The "Working Women" section offers services and ideas to help summon our creativity in every phase of our careers.  In the "Ponder That" section I comment on current news items and emerging trends.  In the "Tips" section I offer workplace advice and reminders. "About Me" is just that. "Mid LIFE Matters" has segments from my public tv show.   "The Ryan Group" tab offers access to an astounding set of organizational improvement services.

Below are two managment e-books I authored for retaining talent:


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 "Mid LIFE Matters" - Wallingford Public TV

 I host a half-hour show on WPAA-TV celebrating women's wisdom and wit.  Fascinating women share their stories and growth mindsets:  Segments are under the MidLIFE Matters tab on this site and on You Tube, under my name.

I am honored to win the 2016 Community Media Rika Welch leadership award for community impact; a testimony to the Guests who shared their stories on MidLIFE Matters



Management Training:

E-Book Webinars & Workshops

Thank you to Joan Lahti, Ph.D., of Get To The Point Books for sponsoring a 45-minute webinar on my e-book, Are Your Star Performers Packing Their Bags?  How to Persuade Them to Stay.  Participants from across the country (and globe) reflected on their own retention tactics, and saw how to navigate this user-friendly workbook approach.   I offer similar sessions -- in person, online, or using blended technology, for any size group.  Contact Joan for a reference:







Recognizing a Future Star


Decades ago I ran a Management Development program within a mega insurance company.  Individuals went through a rigorous selection process, and I researched common traits of highly successful people.  More recently, I coordinated a similar program for a large nonprofit, using stimulus funds after the 2008 crash.

How to best predict success?  That is always a key question, especially when an organization plans to invest heavily in the individual's growth.  A current NYT article offers fresh research results, ending with the saying that "What is new is not correct, and what is correct is not new."

In the 'Gray Matter' article, "How Not to Explain Success", Union College professors Chabris and Hart tested ideas that Yale professors put forth in popular books.  Chabris and Hart came up with 3 success traits:  Smarts, educated parents, and impulse controlEmotional Stability was also related to greater success.

My takeaway is that while one cannot control the education level of his/her parents, and cognitive abilities are also largely inherited, striving to be conscientious and working towards long term goals can help us be our best selves.  Good habits to look for when investing in talent!

 Here is the link to the full article (4/10/16) http://nyti.ms/23iJka8


Tactical Tip #14: Habit Stacking

Make a new routine by piggybacking one small behavior onto an existing one.  Dedicate five minutes to doing something that has eluded you on a daily basis - such as writing in a journal.  For example, resolve to jot down your ideas, for five minutes, after brushing your teeth in the morning.  You can choose to add another new habit to 'stack' on existing ones, or stack several at a time.  If life intervenes -- start over, start small -- again.  Trick is, not to abandon the effort.  


Tactical Tip #13: Bright Brain!


Visit Health Perch for Facts & Tips!





Tactical Tip #12: Open Mind!

Continually explore new findings about ways to exercise your brain and age well:  For example, check out this  site: 


ONE FEATURE OF THIS SITE:  Staving Off the Dreaded "A" 





Tactical Tip # 11: Brain Breakfast

Studies say eating a good breakfast makes for a better day, but reading the comics also gives a boost.  A habit I learned from my Dad, I rely on Blondie, Zits, Mutts and Peanuts to dial my brain to the sunny side of the street.  As Charles Schultz said, "Life is like a 10 - speed bicycle.  Most of us have gears we never use."  Being in a good frame of mind helps us navigate bumps in the road.

For those of us worried about about mid-life brains, here a reminder of how to stress LESS.

L = LAUGH - in addition to the comics, consider joining the Laughter Yoga movement.  The cardio, mental & social benefits of laughing clears our brains, too. 

E = EXPAND - break out of mental ruts by learning something new, teaching others, and considering contrary points of view.  Its like internal travel.

S = SWEAT - Rigorous exercise keeps our brains sharp - and you may even find an answer to that nagging problem when you stop ruminating and start moving.

S = SOCIALIZE - don't give up on finding the best in people.  There are cognitive benefits to interacting with others.  Women's friendships can be considered our secret weapons against getting brittle.

Say "nuts' to irritations - decide to be your best self, starting with the comics.